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Platform Design for Agricultural Loans

Agricultural loans integration platform connecting loan provider, notaries, property registry, and farmers efficiently


Farmers in Chile encounter a significant challenge when seeking a loan. They are required to navigate multiple offices, physically visiting notaries and loan provider at least 3 times throughout the process.


First, they visit the loan provider to obtain the necessary documentation. Then, they take this documentation to the notary to have it signed. Finally, they return the signed documentation to the loan provider's office.


Understanding this challenge, our solution proposed a platform design where the farmer only travels 1 time to e-sign the documentation at the notary. Every stakeholder is connected to the platform, enabling efficient agricultural loan access for local farmers.

Group 53.png

Main Results


+60% expected savings in time and resources for farmers


Combined architecture design with the property registry, capitalizing on pre-existing integrations and APIs in collaboration with notaries


Real-time monitoring dashboard proposal to boost process visibility and confidence

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