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Platform Design for Student Loans

Student loans platform providing a marketplace to potentiate student loans funding in Mexico


In Mexico, the demand for student loans to fund higher and technical education is substantial, yet there is no efficient system linking lenders directly with borrowers.


This results in restricted access for potential students due to the absence of transparent and user-friendly platforms for evaluating student loan investment opportunities, exacerbating liquidity problems and elevating interest rates.


Recognizing these challenges, we introduced a platform design of a marketplace, facilitating the convergence of lenders/investors and student loan providers to enhance the efficiency of student loan funding.

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Main Results


Expected increase in the efficiency of the funding process and reductions in overall costs.


Expected reach to a larger portion of the demand for student loans in Mexico.


A robust secondary market for student loans products in the medium/long-term shall promote the transactionality of these financial instruments.

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