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Corporate Loans Platform

The Challenge

This case study highlights OrcheXtrade Corporate Loans' successful design of its innovative platform for a well known commercial bank.

The process of managing and monitoring bilateral, syndicated, project finance, and bond contracts is often manual:

  • For recording and tracking information, banks are still using tools such as Excel, Word files, PDFs, emails, etc., with no single source of truth

  • Some use technological platforms, but these are limited, existing as silos within the process

  • For event monitoring, they use alerts in email calendars or similar tools to schedule milestones for each contract

The status quo of the process involves high potential for operational risk due to errors or omissions.

In addition, scaling the business is challenging due to the heavy operational burden, which also limits cross-selling opportunities.

Our Solution

Understanding these challenges, we created a digital solution for wholesale banks to manage and monitor various financing contracts, including:

  • Corporate and syndicated financing

  • Bonds and bondholders' representative contracts

  • Project finance

  • Guarantees

  • Custody

  • ESG

Efficiently record necessary contract details, such as amounts, tranches, interest rates, amortization schedules, bank executives, covenants, guarantees, fees, obligations, insurance, and more.

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Image by Sean Pollock
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Key Results


Potentially reduce back office costs by 30% by minimizing the need for large teams. The platform centralizes information for various corporate finance contracts, streamlining operations


Offer corporate clients an efficient service that displays an innovative image within the industry, in line with global trends and based on state-of-the-art technology


The bank can reduce fiduciary exposure by using the platform, minimizing potential errors in contract management


+30 team members from the selected client participated (Chilean Bank)

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Platform Overview

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