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Mortgages Platform

The Challenge

This case study highlights OrcheXtrade Mortgages' successful implementation of its innovative platform for a well known non-bank financial lender and the design of a remittances add-on for a different non-bank financial lender.

In the non-bank mortgage origination process, insurance companies and other financial entities serve as investors by providing the necessary funding. These lenders then receive returns through remittances.


Many financial institutions that orchestrate this business, rely on legacy core technologies. Generally, these systems are outdated and/or operate in silos that hinder efficiency.


As a result, the mortgage industry requires a comprehensive digital solution to streamline the manual and cumbersome process of origination and remittances.

In response to this challenge, we have pioneered a technological breakthrough in Chile. 


A fully-modular digital platform for the mortgage origination process, alleviating the heavy-workload of the executives and the backoffice of financial institutions.


Our product has a special feature for subsidized mortgages, which are a prevalent segment in non-bank lending.

Mortgages Origination Platform:  Client key metrics

  • +1,000 mortgages

  • +20 platform users from account executives to c-level

Design of Remittances Platform: our client is the market leader in subsidized loans

  • 43% market share in 2022

  • Originated USD 31 mm of loans in 2022

  • Total assets of USD 55 mm in 2022

Our Solution

White-label platform that enable businesses to build seamless and secure credit experiences for their end users. We streamline the whole process, letting our clients focus on their core business.

mortgages function.png


Accelerate your

Our fully-functional base platform allows for quick and efficient solutions



Our base platform can be seamlessly adapted to our client’s use case


Expand your client base

Expand your reach to a wider range of clients

Key Results


Positive user feedback

  • “It solved a real pain for us”

  • “Highly intuitive management dashboard for users”

  • “Alerts and notifications have helped to increase productivity by a significant amount”


The platform notably improved operations by reducing errors and cutting expenses, leading to an estimated monthly cost reduction of +30%


+30 team members from the selected clients participated (2 non-bank lenders)

participants _ mortgages.png

Platform overview

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