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Image by Viktor Forgacs

Platform Design for Private Assets

Complete end-to-end solution for the digitization, management, custody and trading of private financial products

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Marco Polo Securities, a registered broker dealer from the US, aimed to enhance its capabilities via a digital end-to-end solution. This solution would provide clients with a platform where their current private financial instruments would be digitally represented.


The platform aimed to provide trust, transparency and low transaction costs for investments in private assets, both for issuers and investors.


We designed the architecture, data model and user flows of the platform. The platform design was 100% cloud-native, built upon an auto-scalable microservices architecture.

As an optional feature, the platform explored integrating open-source blockchain functionalities, allowing standardized financial instruments to be represented as smart contracts.

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Main Results


Expected reduction in friction, time, and costs of the whole investment process. 


Simple, automated, and secure digital workflow for all users.


Provides real-time monitoring and reporting functionalities.

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