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Real Estate Platform

The Challenge

This case study highlights OrcheXtrade Real Estate's successful implementation of its innovative platform for a well known Real Estate developer and broker.

The real estate sector is in urgent need of digitization, which marks the next step in its evolution. New technologies are opening up various opportunities for real estate companies, funds, and investors.

In response to this hurdle, we have pioneered a technological breakthrough in Latin America. Our real estate platform seamlessly bridges the gap between real estate companies & funds and potential investors, under a fully digital environment.

This platform streamlines access for all stakeholders through a digital onboarding and a marketplace, emphasizing transparency, efficiency, and security across the entire workflow.
As an optional feature, assets and/or funds could be digitized based on a blockchain integration.

Our Solution

API and white-label platform that enable businesses to build seamless and secure investment experiences for their end users. We streamline the whole process, letting our clients focus on their core business.

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Accelerate your

Our fully-functional base platform allows for quick and efficient solutions



Our base platform can be seamlessly adapted to our client’s use case


Expand your investor base

Expand your reach to a wider range of investors

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Benefits for Real Estate Companies & Funds and Investors


Exploring the potential to tap into previously overlooked investor segments, particularly within the retail sector


Ability for small investors to buy fractional ownership in properties


Digital platforms facilitate access to global real estate markets, allowing investors to explore opportunities beyond their local or regional boundaries

Main Functionalities

Complete end-to-end workflow, spanning from user onboarding to the purchase of quotas and/or assets portions

main_functionalities_real estate.png

User Journey

user journey PE.png

Considers optional blockchain integration to tokenize the investment, in a fully automatized fashion

Key Results


Architecture allowed the platform to handle a growing number of users and transactions, ensuring high availability and performance over time


Broader audience, democratizing access to previously illiquid and high-entry real estate markets


User-friendly interface to explore opportunities, conduct transactions, and manage holdings easily through an investment dashboard


+15 team members from the selected client (Real Estate developer and broker)

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Platform overview

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Asset summary.png
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