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Redesign of Operational Processes

A comprehensive end-to-end platform seamlessly guiding users from onboarding to automated trading

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Our client operates the system for custody of positions for equity financial products. The current process involves 7 roles and 3 sub-cases. This system serves as a vital cornerstone for the operations of the Chilean Central Securities Depository (DCV). 


During our engagement, we completely redesigned the current system, designing a fully digital and automated system that could act as a centralized entity for the custody of equity positions, considering a much leaner process with only 3 roles and 1 case, achieving a seamless and efficient experience for all the involved stakeholders.

This project involved the thorough understanding of detailed functional and technical considerations as part of the design process, enabling us to fully grasp our client's pain points and requirements.

Main Results


Expected operational costs should be significantly reduced through streamlined operations.


Revamped and optimized existing processes to enhance efficiency and productivity.


Designed seamless integration with legacy systems, ensuring smooth data flow and uninterrupted operations.

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